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IPTV Builders – Over 16,000 Live Channels for $12/month :Prime IPTV

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This detailed Prime IPTV rating features Prime IPTV builders includes over 16,000 channels, VOD, one connection and more for $12.00 per month.

Is Prime IPTV Builders safe to use? Is Prime IPTV Builders legal? What channels does Prime IPTV Builders have? We answer those questions and more in this article.

The reason we are asking legal questions is due to the fact that Prime IPTV Builders is not available on reputable app stores such as the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store. This is sometimes a warning signal.

Prime IPTV Builders is a Prime IPTV service which hosts more than 16,000 live channels in various categories.

Their standard package costs $12.00/month and includes international, sports, PPV, entertainment, news and other channel categories.

This package comes with one connector, but you can buy more if you want.

It can be installed on any Android device, including the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA Shield, and more.

For those unfamiliar with Prime IPTV services, Prime IPTV stands for ‘Internet Protocol Television’. In other words: live television via the internet.

What is Prime IPTV? – Beginner’s Guide to Prime IPTV

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Prime IPTV Prime Prime IPTV does not own or operate any Prime IPTV service or streaming application. We do not host or distribute applications. We do not verify that Prime IPTV services or app developers are properly licensed. The end user is solely responsible for media accessible through any device, app, add-on or service listed on our website.

For 100% legal Prime IPTV service, Prime IPTV recommends Prime Prime IPTV Vidgo.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend using a VPN with these unauthenticated Prime IPTV services. Check out the link below for more information.

Best VPN for Prime IPTV

Below you will find information about this Prime IPTV service, including channels, categories, prices, settings, registration, installation and more.

iptv builder service

Highlights from Prime IPTV builders

  • More than 16,000 live channels
  • Subscriptions start at $12.00/month
  • One link with the standard subscription
  • VPN Friendly
  • VOD Options
  • Free trial available
  • Not IP Location Locked
  • Major sports channels
  • PPV
  • Grown up
  • Popular news networks
  • Favorites Manager
  • To overtake
  • External Player Support
  • International channels
  • Accepts Credit/Debit and PayPal
  • Customer support through their online contact form and email
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Available for use on Firestick/Fire TV and Android devices
  • Compatible with popular Prime IPTV players
  • 24/7 customer support


Your online activity is actively monitored by Prime IPTV developers, your Internet service provider and the government through your identifying IP address.

Prime IPTV services are linked to organized crime and you do not want your personal information to get into their hands.

Stream anonymously with Surfshark VPN.

Surfshark encrypts your connection to the Internet and masks your IP address, making you anonymous.


Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With Surfshark you can use your account on an unlimited number of internet connected devices


Are Prime IPTV builders safe?

Before we review the Prime IPTV Builders service:I want to scan the official URL with VirusTotal first.

The official URL for this Prime IPTV service is:

Here is the screenshot of the VirusTotal scan results.

Are Prime IPTV builders safe?

VirusTotal found no malicious virus/malware files in the Prime IPTV Builders website URL.

However, we must always protect ourselves when streaming content from this unverified Prime IPTV service.

The best way to do this is with a secure VPN that will secure your identity and anonymity when using Prime IPTV services like this one.

These are the channels and pricing information for Prime IPTV builders.

Prime IPTV Builders Channels

As mentioned before, Prime IPTV Builders offers over 16,000 live channels starting at $12.00/month with their standard plan.

These channels come in different categories such as entertainment, sports, kids, international, music and many more.

This Prime IPTV service even has options for PPV, major sports channels, and other offers that are not included in some services.

iptv builders channels

There is also a simple electronic program guide (EPG) for those who prefer this layout.

iptv builders review


Prime IPTV Builders offers different plans for new users.

iptv builders prices

Their popular plan includes the following:

  • $12/month for over 16,000 channels, VOD and one connection
  • $25.00 for 3 months and 16,000+ channels, VOD and one connection
  • $45.00 for 6 months and over 16,000 channels, VOD and one connection
  • $75.00 for 12 months and 16,000+ channels, VOD and one connection

Remark: We always recommend paying month to month with an Prime IPTV service! Don’t lock yourself into plans for a year, as services sometimes go offline.

Prime IPTV Builders is available for installation on several popular streaming devices.

This includes the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Android TV Boxes, Chromecast, Android phones, tablets, and any device running the Android operating system.

REMARK: To install the application for this service, you need to register for a subscription on their official website.

iptv builder website

Since Prime IPTV Builders provides M3U URL, you can use this service with Prime IPTV players like Prime IPTV Smarters, Perfect Player, Tivimate and others.

IMPORTANT: Before using this Prime IPTV service, we recommend that you connect to a VPN to hide your online activity.

You can also install the stand-alone application if you don’t want to use Prime IPTV Player. To do this, you must first install the Downloader app on your device.

Use our Downloader guide below to learn more about this.

How To Install Sideload Downloader App

IMPORTANT NOTE: For further installation instructions, please refer to your confirmation emails from Prime IPTV Builders after registration.

This usually gives you the updated installation steps.

Other Prime IPTV Features

One of the best features of the Prime IPTV Builders service is the ability to add channels to favorites. Some Live TV services do not have this feature.

One of the best features of the Prime IPTV Builders service is the ability to add channels to favorites.

Another great feature of this Prime IPTV service is the ability to add external video players.

Another great feature of this Prime IPTV service is the ability to add external video players.

Is Prime IPTV builders legal?

It is impossible for Prime IPTV Wire to determine whether these unauthenticated Prime IPTV services are properly licensed.

If and when an Prime IPTV service is deemed illegal, we notify our users immediately and update reports on our website to reflect that information.

In conclusion, the end user is responsible for all content accessible through free Prime IPTV apps and paid services such as Prime IPTV Builders.

See our resource guide below for 100% legal and verified Prime IPTV providers:

Best Legal Prime IPTV Providers

Check out our popular Prime IPTV service reviews below for more Prime IPTV options.

Overall, Prime IPTV Builders is a well-known live TV service that offers a large number of channels at a cheap monthly price.

Warning! Protect yourself with Surfshark VPN

Most cord cutters use a VPN and with good reason.

Some Prime IPTV services and app developers have been linked to organized crime and you don’t want your identifying IP address in their hands.

Without a VPN, your IP address will be recorded.

Your IP address refers to your location and identity, which compromises both your privacy and security.

Your current identifying IP address is – When using a VPN, your real IP address is converted to an anonymous new address.

A VPN gives you an anonymous connection to the Internet.

This prevents Prime IPTV developers, ISPs, government agencies and third parties from registering what you watch online.

The most popular VPN among cord cutters is Surfshark due to their blazing fast speeds and zero logging policy.

It is important to use a VPN that is fast as we are streaming large HD files. It’s also critical to find one that doesn’t keep any logs of what their subscribers access while online.

Setting up Surfshark on your streaming device is easy!
Step 1 Register for a Surfshark VPN account by clicking the link below.

This exclusive link gives you a hefty discount, only available to Prime IPTV Wire visitors like you.

Register for Surfshark account and save 82%

Step 2 – Go to Search and then click the search icon on your Firestick, Fire TV or Fire TV Cube.

You may also find the Surfshark VPN app in the Google Play Store for those of you using Android TV Boxes, phones and tablets.

Click Search

Step 3 – Type Surfshark and then click on the Surfshark VPN option that appears.

Type Surfshark

Step 4 – Click on the Surfshark icon under Apps & Games.

Click on the Surfshark icon

Step 5 – Click Download.

Click Download

Step 6 – Click Open.

Click Open

Step 7 – Click Sign In.

Click on Login

Step 8 – Enter your username and password to login. Your username is the email address you used to register for the Surfshark service and your password will be automatically generated and emailed to you.

Enter username and password for Surfshark VPN

Step 9 – Click on the Fastest Location option.

Click the Connect button

Step 10 – Click OK for Connection Request if it appears.

Connection Request - Click OK

Step 11 – You will notice that your IP address changes along with the location of the connection. You are now working anonymously through your device.

Surfshark is now connected

Click the Home button on your remote and the VPN will continue to run in the background.

Congratulations! You are now protected by Surfshark VPN, which means that everything you stream or access through your Firestick or Android TV Box is hidden from the rest of the world.

If you ever need to stop the VPN service, relaunch the application and click the CONNECT button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prime IPTV Builders?

Prime IPTV Builders is an Prime IPTV service that provides live channels at an affordable price.

What channels does Prime IPTV builders have?

This Prime IPTV service has more than 16,000 channels in various categories including news, entertainment, sports, international and more.

How much does this service cost?

This Prime IPTV service costs $12.00/month for the standard single connection plan. Additional plans are also available.

What devices can this Prime IPTV service be installed on?

This Prime IPTV service is available for installation on any device running the Android operating system. This includes the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and any Android device.

The official URL for this Prime IPTV service is The official URL for this Prime IPTV service is

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