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How to watch StopStream TV on Firestick, iOS and Smart TV :Prime IPTV

Tired of paying the cable TV or satellite service provider’s subscription to watch live sports? StopStream TV is an Prime IPTV platform that allows you to watch live sports for free. Moreover, it offers live streaming for almost all sports including baseball, soccer, tennis, soccer, hockey and more. While popular among sports enthusiasts, they also offer access to live TV channels. In addition, this platform provides all sports related updates such as reports, statistics, time of event and more. Most importantly, we can access this service from anywhere on any compatible device by connecting to a stable internet connection.

Is StopStream TV illegal?

Yes, it’s illegal. This platform streams live sports matches without permission from the organizers who own the copyright. So streaming live matches on this platform will lead to legal issues. We can use a reliable VPN to avoid these problems and ensure data security. VPN helps you protect your data and privacy while keeping you anonymous by hiding your IP address and location. You can try some reliable VPNs like NordVPN, IPVanish or more and select the best one that works for you.

How to Stream StopStream TV on Android Devices

1. Turn on your Android device and select the browser.

Choose a sport

2. Enter Stop Stream TV in the search bar and choose the official website from the search results.

3. Choose the Sport you want to livestream.

4. Select the contest and enjoy streaming on your android devices.

How to watch StopStream TV on iOS devices

1. Turn on your iOS device and open the Safari browser.

2. Search for Stop Stream TV and choose the official website from the results.

3. Choose the Livestream event you want and start watching the match on your iOS devices.

Select the live sports match

How to get StopStream TV on Firestick

1. Open your Firestick device and on the home screen select the Find tab.

2. Click To search and go inside Silk Browser on the search bar using the on-screen keyboard.

Go to Download

3. From the list of suggestions, choose the app and select To download to install the app on Firestick.

Select Download to stream StopStreams TV

4. Once the installation is complete, launch the app and search for Stop Stream TV.

5. Select the official website and choose the game you want to livestream.

6. Enjoy streaming live sports on Firestick.

How to Watch StopStream TV on Windows and Mac PC

1. Turn on your PC or Mac and select any default browsers.

Enter StopStream TV

2. Type Stop Stream TV on the search bar and choose the official website from the results.

3. Start streaming your favorite live sports game on PC.

How to Stream StopStream TV on Smart TV

Not all Smart TVs have a standard web browser, so to access StopStream TV on your TV, you may need to install Google Chrome on APK on your TV using an external USB drive.

1. Turn on your Smart TV and install a reliable File manager of the respective stores.

2. On PC, download the Chrome APK from the website.

3. Copy the Chrome APK on the USB drive and connect it to the Smart TV.

USB device connected to smart TV

4. Go to the Chrome APK with the File Manager and follow the on-screen instructions to install APK on your Smart TV.

5. Now go to the Settings option and click the Security and Restriction tab.

Access to unknown source

6. Switch the . in Unknown sources to grant access to Chrome to sideload the apps.

  • You can download Sideload Launcher apps as these additional APK apps will not appear in the app drawer.

7. Now open the Sideload starterand click on the Chrome browser to access the StopStream TV.

8. Choose the official website from the search results.

9. Click on the desired match and watch it on your Smart TV.

StopStream TV Alternatives to Stream Live Sports


StopStream TV is a reliable streaming platform for streaming live sports matches. You can stream sports matches that take place around the world. It also provides multiple links, so you can switch to another link if the link you’re using doesn’t work.


Can you download Stop Stream TV?

No, you can’t download it because no apk file is available. Moreover, it is a direct website that can be streamed with a reliable browser.

The official URL for this Prime IPTV service is The official URL for this Prime IPTV service is

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