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How to watch NFL RedZone on FireStick? [Updated 2022] :Prime IPTV

I know you’ve had a hectic week and haven’t even had time to catch up on this week’s NFL Games. Like finding light at the end of the dark tunnel, NFL RedZone can help you catch up on all of the game’s Touchdowns and some great tackles and yard wins that have taken place over the week. If you use FireStick at home, download the NFL RedZone on FireStick and watch Sunday football games you missed from noon.

If you like Fantasy Football then NFL RedZone is the perfect companion to choose your fantasy team. Collect all the action-packed games from the week’s football games in one place with NFL RedZone on FireStick. If you want to know more about the procedure to stream NFL RedZone content on your Fire TV, you can read and learn this article.

Know about NFL RedZone:

Get 7 hours of live football from 8 matches on eight different screens with the octobox screen. During regular seasons, you can watch all of that week’s Games at once on Sundays. You can watch every pass, every tackle and every touchdown in the football games that took place that week. If you missed any games, you can rewatch this Sunday afternoon via NFL RedZone.

You can watch NFL RedZone on, NFL Mobile, and through the NFL app on other compatible devices. You can also get NFL RedZone on FireStick with the NFL app along with NFL Network. But to access it, you need to subscribe to partners like COX, dish, fios by Verizon, fubo TV and more.

How to watch NFL RedZone on FireStick?

As you know NFL RedZone is accessible through the NFL app. You can easily download it from your FireStick app store and access NFL RedZone on your FireStick, but after getting NFL RedZone you may need to log in with one of the partner TV service provider IDs to watch the seven-hour football to watch live.

The other easy way to get NFL RedZone on FireStick is to use the NFL Game Pass Pro. The things you need to watch NFL RedZone on your FireStick are as follows:

  • NFL Account
  • NFL Game Pass subscription.
  • Download the NFL Game Pass app on FireStick
  • Activate NFL RedZone on FireStick.

Get NFL Account:

If you don’t have an account on, you’ll need to create one to access all of NFL’s benefits, including NFL RedZone, NFL Game Pass, NFL Network, and more. The minimum steps to get an NFL account on your own are as follows:

  • Use any device’s web browser and go to the URL
  • Fill in the requested details in the respective blank boxes and select Create account.
  • Have your account verified with the email sent to your registered email ID.

Subscribe to the NFL Game Pass:

Get an NFL Game Pass subscription to access NFL RedZone and other live games taking place during the NFL 2023-2023 season. The subscriptions offered by NFL Game Pass are Free, Essential, Mobile Only, and Pro. If you subscribe now, you can access the NFL Game Pass until July 31, 2023. Follow the steps to subscribe to the NFL Game Pass.

  • Visit the URL on all your devices with an internet connection and web browser.
  • Select the Sing Up option to open the page with the plans offered by NFL Game Pass.
  • Now choose the plan you like. (Get Essential or Pro to access NFL Game Pass on FireStick.)

NFL Game Pass Subscriptions

  • Since you have an NLF account, select Sign Up and enter login details to proceed to the next step.
  • Complete the steps with the provided instruction and provide card details to pay for the subscription.

Download NFL RedZone on FireStick:

Now you have reached the final procedure to go through to get NFL RedZone on FireStick. You must download the NFL app on your FireStick and activate NFL RedZone on NFL Game Pass. The procedure is as follows,

Download NFL Game Pass on FireStick:

  • Turn on your FireStick connected Smart TV and connect it to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to the Search option on the home screen and select the Search title.
  • In the Search tab, type NFL and press OK.
  • From the results, select the NFL Game Pass application and tap the Get it option to download it to your FireStick.
  • Wait for the app to install on your FireStick and then go to the next step.

This method can also be used to download the NFL app on your FireStick.

Sign up and activate NFL RedZone on FrieStick:

  • Find the app in the Apps & Games section on your FireStick and open it.
  • Enter your NFL account information to use Sing Into NFL Game Pass.
  • Get the activation code now and visit the URL to activate your Game Pass account.
  • Select the NFL RedZone tab and start streaming the content with NFL Game Pass on your FireStick.

How to watch NFL RedZone on FireStick with a TV provider?

If you have subscribed to any of the TV service providers with NFL RedZone in their channel lineup, you can use their credentials to access NFL RedZone on your FireStick. Here we download the NFL application on FireStick to access NFL RedZone through a TV provider. The TV providers that can access NFL RedZone are as follows, COX, dish, fios by Verizon, fubo TV, Hulu + Live TV, optimum

pendulum, Spectrum, Xfinity and YouTube TV.

  • Download the NFL app on your FireStick. (Refer to the “Download NFL Game Pass on FireStick” procedure mentioned in this article.)
  • Open the application and log in with your NFL credentials (refer to the “Get NFL Account” procedure mentioned in this article.)
  • Select the gear icon and tap Singing with the TV Provider option and get the activation code.
  • Go to the URL and enter the activation code and press Activate.
  • The last step is to log in with your TV provider credentials.

You can now stream NFL RedZone content every Sunday until the end of the NFL Regular season.


You can get NFL RedZone on the Cox Sports Pack 2. NFL RedZone’s channel number varies depending on the state and region you are in.

RedZone on Cox


Subscribe to the Dish Multi-Sports Pack and watch NFL RedZone on channel number 155 in HD video quality.

RedZone on dish

Fios from Verizon:

Buy Fios Sports Pass and go to channel number 335 for SD video quality and 835 for HD video quality.

RedZone on fios

fubo tv:

Subscribe to any of the Fubo TV base plans and get the Sports Plus add-on to get NFL RedZone on Fubo TV.

Hulu + Live TV:

Redzone on hulu


RedZone at Optimal


Adding the Sports Extra Package to the Sling Blue subscription gives you easy access to the NFL RedZone channel.


Add Sports View add-on to your base Spectrum TV package to access NFL RedZone.

red zone on spectrum


The More Sports & Entertainment package on the X1 TV package allows you to watch NFL RedZone on your TV.

redzone on xfinity

YouTube TV:

Download the Sports Plus add-on along with your YouTube TV package and get access to NFL RedZone.

redzone on youtube tv


Let’s say you think accessing NFL RedZone on FireStick with NFL Game Pass is difficult. In that case, you can download any of the NLF RedZone channels that the service provider can access on your FireStick. These apps have their own add-ons and channel setups that require you to pay a subscription. If you are having trouble accessing RedZone, please contact the NFL Help Center.

Most common questions:

Which channel is NFL RedZone on DirecTV?

The channel number to access the NFL RedZone channel on your DirecTV streaming service is 703.

Which channel is NFL RedZone on Spectrum?

Go to channel 2495 to watch NFL RedZone shows on your Spectrum TV service.

Which channel is NFL RedZone on Dish?

To watch NFL RedZone on your Dish Network, you must navigate to channel number 155.

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