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How to fix BBC iPlayer not working on FireStick? [2022] :Prime IPTV

Watching BBC Channel on the cable network used to be. BBC goes with the flow of trends and has created its own video-on-demand streaming application, the BBC iPlayer. With its availability on many devices, FireStick is one of them. The BBC iPlayer app works well with FireStick devices, but rarely will you find the BBC iPlayer not working on FireStick.

If you come across this rare moment, you must read this article How to fix BBC iPlayer not working on Firestick? and try the solutions given in simple steps. There could be issues with your BBC iPlayer app or with your FireStick devices. Know how to get the BBC iPlayer app working again on your FireStick device.

How to fix BBC iPlayer not working on FireStick?

BBC iPlayer

As you know, the problem lies in BBC iPlayer not working on FireStick, either by the app or by the device. Here you will find any fixes or solutions to get the app working again on your FireStick device. But sometimes it can also be due to network connectivity issues or errors within network providing devices. Read and try all given methods from here,

Method 1: Clear BBC iPlayer cache on FireStick.

Your FireStick device has limited memory, so having more cache can prevent an app from working. This could be one of the reasons why BBC iPlayer is not working on FrieStick. You can clear a specific app cache from the FireStick device and do that for the BBC iPlayer app on FireStick; follow the steps set for you here,

  • Find all the settings options available on your FireStick by selecting the gear settings icon.
  • Since all setting options are fixed, choose the application tile to make changes to installed apps.
  • Here you need to select Manage installed application.
  • Use the gesture buttons on your FireStick remote to find the BBC iPlayer app.
  • With two options available, select the Clear cache option to free up some memory space on FireStick.

bbc iplayer clear cache

If the cause was Cache, you can get BBC iPlayer working again on your FireStick after following these specific steps.

Method 2: Check BBC iPlayer Server.

BBC iPlayer needs to keep its servers up to date in order to deliver the content more effectively to its users. So when BBC iPlayer undergoes a server update or fixes errors on the server, the BBC iPlayer application may not work on your FireStick or other device.

If you’re contacting other BBC iPlayer users, and they don’t have access to BBC iPlayer either, you can only wait for the professionals at BBC iPlayer to handle it.

Method 3: Update BBC iPlayer on FireStick.

If your BBC iPlayer app does not have the latest version on your FireStick, it may not work. You need to update the BBC iPlayer application to the latest version to get new features of the app. The steps set up here can be used to update any app on your FireStick. To update BBC iPlayer, the steps are:

  • If you are not on the FireStick home screen, press the Home button on your FireStick remote.
  • You can go to the Applications section from the FireStick home screen.
  • All the apps available on your FireStick device are here; you need to navigate here and highlight the BBC iPlayer app.
  • Now on your remote, click on the Hamburger menu button and choose the More Info option.

Fire TV Remotes

  • If there is an update in the BBC iPlayer app, you can see the Update option and just select it to update BBC iPlayer on FireStick.

Check updates

After updating, try using the BBC iPlayer app on your FireStick and see if it works. If not, you will need to reinstall the app on your FireStick device. Continue reading this article for more information.

Method 4: Reinstall BBC iPlayer.

If your BBC iPlayer is still not working on your FireStick, an incorrect installation of the application on your devices could also be the cause. You will need to uninstall and reinstall the app on your FireStck devices. The steps to be discussed can be used for all apps, including the BBC iPlayer application. Follow the steps to reinstall BBC iPlayer on FireStick.

Remove BBC iPlayer on FireStick:

  • Locate and select the gear-shaped settings icon on the FrieStick home screen.
  • Go to the Application tile and continue by selecting the Manage installed application option.
  • Find the BBC iPlayer application and select it.
  • Select Remove from the available option.


Install BBC iPlayer on FireStick:

  • Go back to the FireStick home page and select Search, then Search.
  • Go to the BBC iPlayer app in the FireStick app store.
  • On the BBC iPlayer app information page, select Get to download and install BBC iPlayer on FireStick.

Method 5: Check the FireStick clock time.

If you have the wrong clock time on your FireStick, the Disney Plus app may not work. You must make sure that you have selected the correct region in Time Zone. To change your FireStick clock time and fix the issue with Disney Plus not working on FireStick with the steps here,

  • Go to FireStick’s settings menu and choose Preferences.
  • Now select Time Zone and select your region from the available list.

time zone

If you find that the time zone matches your region, you don’t need to change it.

Method 6: Update FireStick firmware.

If your FireStick is not up to date, most applications will not work. If your Disney Plus app doesn’t work on FireStick even after reinstalling the app. Next, you need to check for updates on your FireStick and, if there are any, run the update. Go to the steps below to update FireStick Firmware.

  • Go to FireStick Settings; if you don’t know, just select the gear icon on the FireStick homepage.
  • Now select the My Fire TV tile and select the About option on it.
  • Choose the option Check for updates.

Check updates

  • If updates are found, click the Download option and then select Install update.

Your FireStick device will reboot on its own after the installation is complete. After rebooting, try using the BBC iPlayer on your FireStick. If updating the firmware doesn’t solve your problem either, you should reset FireStick to factory settings.

Method 7: Factory Reset FireStick.

If you think some settings you played with were causing BBC iPlayer not to work on FireStick devices, then it’s time to reset your FireStick to how it was when you bought it. By doing a factory reset on your FireStick device, all your problems can be solved in one go. Make a Factor Reset on FireStick with the steps included here,

  • Dive into the My Fire TV menu from the FireStick settings menu.
  • Scroll to the end and you can see the Rest to Factory Defaults option there.

reset to factory settings

  • Provide your FireStick PIN to comply with Factory Reset.
  • Now select the Reset option in the popup.

You will need to download the BBC iPlayer app on your FIreStick again. Once installed, you can open the app and see that it works fine.

REMARK: Use this method as a last measure as it will erase all data you have saved so far, including all installed apps.

Method 8: Power Cycle Network supplies devices.

After all, without internet, you won’t be able to access the BBC iPlayer app on any device. You need to make sure that you have paid your internet bills. If you think the problem is with your modem or router, you can easily reset it by pressing the reset button on it. You can also do a Power Cycle on it to make it work even better. Follow the steps to disable each device,

  • Unplug your router’s power cord.
  • Turn off the lights on the router and wait for a while.
  • Plug the power cable back into place and turn on your router.

This fixes most network issues that cause BBC iPlayer not working on FireStick issues.

The end

The eight methods given in this article will help you get BBC iPlayer working properly on your FireStick device. But if BBC iPlayer doesn’t work on FireStick, then you need to change your FireStick device or have it checked by professionals. If it’s your new device, you can replace it with your warranty; if not, the app will work on FireStick. Contacting the BBC iPlayer app help center will give you an idea of ​​why it isn’t working and they can fix it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to access the BBC iPlayer app?

Download BBC iPlayer on the supported devices and open it. Select Sign Up to get the activation code and use it at to activate your account. Once activated, you can watch all live and on-demand programs on BBC iPlayer on your device.

Is BBC iPlayer free?

Yes, it is a BBC press app for logging into all BBC platforms. You can add programs and get recommendations about programs to watch. Another advantage is that you can very easily continue to watch the program you have left halfway through.

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