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How to fix all 4 not working on Smart TV? :Prime IPTV

Did you enjoy the streaming services after a hard day’s work with your TV? It changes your mood and brings you to the entertainment world. In this flowing world, avoid carrying your sadness, emotions or anything else; just stream your favorite movie, sit back in your chair and enjoy. Here are you looking for the free streaming services to watch on your TV? Choose All 4; is a free streaming service on channel 4. Nevertheless, all 4 users have the non-working issues on Smart TV. If you get this error message on your Smart TV, don’t worry about it. In this article, we are going to see how to fix all 4 problems with quick fixes.

All 4 do not work on Smart TV

Why does my All 4 not work on Smart TV?

Most All 4 users find that their All 4 application does not play the content on their Smart TV. These error messages are ‘Content is currently unavailable’ or ‘Please try again later’. There are many reasons why your All 4 is not working on your Smart TV. The most common reasons are given below.

  • Smart TV is not compatible with All 4
  • TV software with an older version
  • Obsolete All 4 applications
  • Need to update your TV’s software
  • Unrecognized IP address
  • Requires TV Smart Hub reset
  • Software error causes all 4 apps to malfunction

How to fix All 4 not working on Smart TV?

Follow the solutions below to fix all 4 non-working issues on your Smart TV. Moreover, if you need help to get All 4 on LG, please refer to Get All 4 App LG TV. The simple and quick solutions are explained below.

Update the All 4 application

Whatever problem you get with your software or smart TV. Run the update process first as the update fixes most of the issues. Here we see how to update all 4 applications. In all 4 apps, you simply initialize the automatic update, then the further update process will be done automatically. Follow the step-by-step process below.

  • First of all, press the Home button on your remote.
  • On your main screen, select the Apps section.
  • Select “My Apps” when browsing through it.
  • Press the Auto Update option.

Here you will perform the automatic update process in a smooth manner. In that process, when you turn on the TV, the Smart Hub will check and update the outdated software on your device. To perform the manual update, select All 4 apps in the apps section and run the update. This update process will clear most errors on your device. If you don’t get the results you want, move on.

Update Smart TV software

After updating all 4 applications, you are here to update the TV software. Now let’s update the TV software. All 4 are no longer available on newer models of Samsung TV; it causes some technical problems in your TV. Therefore, you need to update your TV software. Follow the steps below to update your TV.

  1. Go to the settings of the TV and press the menu option on your remote.
  2. To scroll down.

Press Software Update and click Update option. It shows the latest software version of Smart TV. Some occasional software updates help to resolve this error. If you want to know how to install All 4 on Google TV, see this guide Watch All 4 on Google TV.

Resolve app unavailability in your location

Are you checking if All 4 are available in your location? Well, if your PC had a different IP address, it will cause this error. It indicates that the app is not available in your location. You can fix this error in one step.

You should know that All 4 only works in the UK and you cannot access this app outside the UK. Don’t worry about it; We give the possible way to stream All 4.

Contact the ISP to assign a static IP address for a fee. If you want to watch All 4 outside the UK, use the VPN. Install the Smart TV supported VPN and choose the UK server. Set up the VPN router and then connect to your TV’s internet connection. Remember to connect to the UK based VPN server and now check if all 4 are working fine or not.

Restart the Smart Hub

If you are a Samsung Smart TV user, this section is for you. Smart Hub is one of Samsung’s new innovative menu systems. With this Smart Hub you can download all apps and browse the internet. Complete the reset process of your smart hub and it will solve all 4 non-working issues on the smart TV.

In the soft reset, unplug the TV from the wall outlet, wait just 45 seconds, then plug it back in. If the soft reset does not work properly, perform the full Smart Hub reset with the following steps.

  • First press the Home button on your remote and the options bar will be displayed.
  • Scroll down in Settings
  • In the support options, press Device maintenance.
  • Choose Self Diagnosis on your next screen.
  • Scroll down and press Reset Smart Hub.

Bottom Line

I close the article with easy ways to fix All 4 Not Working on Smart TV. Try these solutions with the steps mentioned earlier; then you will get rid of this error. First we will update the Software and TV, then we will discuss how to check the availability of the app. If you are a Samsung TV user, please restart the Smart Hub. Hove above article will give you the desired results. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I watch All 4 without an app?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot watch All 4 without this application, and you must connect to the correct internet connection. Otherwise, you can watch the previously downloaded programs offline.

2. How do you get All 4 on Andriod TV?

Create a new account with VPN >> Download and install the new VPN app on Andriod TV >> Select VK server >> Stream All 4 on Andriod TV.

The official URL for this Prime IPTV service is The official URL for this Prime IPTV service is

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