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How to activate Vudu on Smart TV?[2022] :Prime IPTV

After a long day of hard work, enjoy the streaming services on your Smart TV; here you will be asked to pay your subscription costs. Use the free streaming services to avoid these disappointing messages; yes, we recommend the best free streaming site for watching your favorite movies and shows. Vudu is one of the well-known free streaming sites and offers high-quality content for free. Do you have questions about activating Vudu on Smart TV? We provide easier ways to activate Vudu. In this article, we are going to discuss how to activate Vudu on Smart TV.

activate vudu on smart tv

A short note from VUDU

The VUDU is one of the best streaming sites and allows users to watch their favorite TV shows, sports and movies for free. This service is popular for its high-quality rendering. In other words, Vudu is the content streaming platform, especially the Hollywood movies and series. Most of the content is available for free from Vudu. Furthermore, it also works together with the paid content; you have to buy or get the rent.

First of all, use the official Vudu site to get the Vudu app; then you go to the activation process. In the next section, we share some essential information about the VUDU.

What is the Vudu Activation Code?

The Vudu code is the 6 digit unique activation code that helps to activate Vudu on your smart devices. You can get this code through the Vudu app on Smart TV. After you complete the verification process, you can enjoy the Vudu on your television.

How do I activate the Vudu account on my TV?

Here we are going to activate the Vudu account on your TV. In the section above, we understand how to get this Vudu activation code. Then follow my step-by-step process to activate it. Do you know? There are two different types of Fiber TV versions available; these are the new version and the old version of your Fiber TV. First, we are going to talk about how to activate the new version and then go to the old version.

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New version of Fiber TV

  • In the new version of Fiber TV, press Menu on your remote control>> Select Apps>> Press OK.
  • On the Apps page, select VUDU and press OK.
  • If you are the existing user of the VUDU account, select Login>> Press OK.
  • If you are new to the VUDU account, select Login>> Click OK.
  • You can view all content also available with your VUDU without the logging process and then select Browse.
  • When you want the rental, it requires logging in with your account.

Old version of Fiber TV

If you have the old version of Fiber TV, follow the steps below.

  • First of all, press the menu on your remote. Select Apps and more.
  • Select VUDU in your Apps section; you will receive the membership application message. If you already have a VUDU account, browse more than you want.
  • If you don’t have the account, go to the sign-up process. Follow the two steps below.
  • Select the Login option and complete the procedure. You can close at any time.
  • Select Browse to find the appropriate content available to you. You have to search for one of the videos with your VUDU app.
  • Furthermore, the Vudu is linked to the Google Fiber TV Box and the VUDU account also gives you the correct content.

How to activate the Vudu on Smart TV via Screen Cast method?

You can activate the Vudu with this screencast method. It activates your Vudu in an effortless way. In that process, you should have some requirements, which are Google Chromecast, HDMI-enabled television, Wi-Fi access on iOS or Android. Follow the steps below to activate Vudu on your Smart TV.

  1. The first step is: turn on the power and connect the HDMI cable from the Chromecast.
  2. Make sure that both the Chromecast and the phone are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network.
  3. Launch the Vudu app with your phone and select the video when you want to cast.
  4. In the right corner of the Vudu app, you have a cast symbol. Then go to the appropriate link, available devices and their names below with the listed app.
  5. Select the Chromecast device and then press the cast button and then send the video to your smart TV. Now use your phone as a remote control.

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How to activate the Vudu on Smart TV via streaming device?

  • Vudu can be accessed with multiple streaming devices. It also includes Roku, Chromecast, Xfinity, Amazon Fire TV and etc.
  • Here you have to watch the online content on your streaming device and you also connect to the network of the Smart TV.
  • Next, look at the Vudu app in the App store. And select the download process and it will start the further download process with the Vudu app on the streaming device.
  • After you complete the successful download process, you can pay the service member to your service using Paypal or Debit.
  • Finally, subscribe to it and start enjoying the streaming services on your Smart TV.

Bottom Line

I close this article by sharing the Activation Vudu on Smart TV. Follow every line without skipping anything; it makes your process easy. First get the Vudu activation code from the Vudu app and then proceed to the further process. We share the two effortless methods, such as activating via Screencast and Streaming devices. The above techniques are more than enough to activate your Vudu. I hope the above passage shares the desired information with you. If you have any questions, please comment below. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to add Vudu on LG Smart TV?

Press the Home button on the remote >> Click the Apps button >> Open Content Apps store on LG >> Select Premium >> Find the app in your LG store and install it.

2. Which devices are compatible with Vudu?

You can use over-the-top streaming player, Andriod, iOS devices, Blu-Ray player, Smart TV and more. You have to watch the latest movies, shows and other favorites with VUDU.

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